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Pond Dredging

What Is Dredging?

Sediment, the natural accumulation of silt and debris on the bottoms of rivers, lakes, canals, streams, and ponds can eventually build up to sufficient levels where it can start to cause problems. When left untreated, waterway can become blocked and cause flooding and other environmental hazards. This is where dredging can help.

All communities benefit from or depend on their waterways in some way, from something as simple as beautification of a park to fishing, recreation, and the transport of goods. When there are significant accumulations of sediment waterways can become unusable or transform into an environmental hazard.

A process called dredging is used to return a waterway to a usable state and restore the environment back to a healthy condition. Dredges can quickly and efficiently move considerable amounts of sediment and debris deposits.

How Does Dredging Work?Sediment Removal using dredging Dino6

A dredge such as the Dino6 is a machine which uses a powerful submersible pump to produce the suction required to transfer the sediment up to the surface. A rotating cutting bar is used to free up the accumulated sediment before it enters the pipe. All debris must be collected and disposed of according to local and federal laws.

Where are Dredging Machines Used?

Dredging is useful in a number of situations, with just a few of the more popular applications where a dredge can be used outlined below:

Excavation: New construction projects for bridges, piers, and docks. The underwater excavation work prepares the area before construction can commence.

Increasing the depth of waterways: As sediment settles to the bottom of a watercourse it effectively raises the bed and decreases the depth. If left too long there is a risk of flooding during the next wet season, or the waterway can become inaccessible to watercraft.

Environmental reclamation: Sediment buildup can be detrimental to an ecosystem due to the accelerated accumulation of trash and other debris washed down from built-up areas. Dredging removes the sludge and debris and keeps the water clean so that wildlife can thrive in the area once again

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Typical Industry Uses Dredging

The Dino6 can perform sediment removal work excavators and larger hydraulic dredges cannot reach.

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